Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Napster Founders Launch 'AirtTime'

Two of Napster's founders have rejoined forces to launch a new startup, this time a live social video network.
The new service by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning is intended to bring users together through their social networks as well as their shared interests in a way that seems to combine the experiences ofSkype, Chatroulette and alsoGoogle's now-extinct Wave.
To use Airtime, which was launched at an event Tuesday in New York City, users need only a Facebook account and a webcam.
Once inside Airtime's website, users can choose to video chat or simply instant message with people from their Facebook friends list. They can also hit a button that says "Talk to Someone" and be placed in a random video chat with someone based off their interests and locations.
Airtime gets rid of some of the creepiness of Chatroulette by letting you limit your random call to friends of your friends, but after I tried it the first time -- and granted, I never once used Chatroulette -- I was still creeped out a bit and closed the call before the other person could even say "Hi." READ MORE