Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Canadian Psycho!

MONTREAL — Video footage from the death and dismembering of a Chinese student seems to show the suspect eating the body, Canadian police said Tuesday. The porn actor suspected in the killing, meanwhile, told authorities in Germany he would not fight extradition to Canada.
Montreal Police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said that although police have not been able to conclusively confirm it, they suspect Luka Magnotta did eat parts of the body.
"As gross and as graphic as it could be, yes, it was seen on the video," Lafreniere said.
Magnotta, 29, was arrested in Berlin while reading about himself at an Internet cafe on Monday after an employee recognized him from a newspaper photo and flagged down a police car. READ MORE
Video can be watched here:
Warning: Graphic and very violent material... You have been warned!