Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adidas Shackle Shoes Pulled Out!

Well, that was quick.
Hours after defending the controversial design of a new line of sneakers against accusations of racism, Adidas announced the shoes would be pulled from production and not hit shelves in August as planned.
The JS Roundhouse Mids, which featured plastic orange chains and a cuff that strapped around the ankles, were slammed for resembling shackles, and many criticized Adidas for using an image reminiscent of slavery.
Adidas initially brushed off the controversy, saying the shoes were the result of the creative vision of designer Jeremy Scott, known for quirky and outrageous designs. READ MORE

 Here's an Idea... let's make some Border running sandals (Chanclas) and let's market them to the people trying to cross the border. The catch will be... "they will help you jump that border" By: Adidas