Monday, June 11, 2012

Mayweather Family Displaying Their Ignorance

Manny Pacquiao doesn’t have it very easy these days. From his alleged comments about gays that were misquoted and exaggerated to his recent match against Timothy Bradleywhich ended in a controversial split decision making his first loss in seven years, he now is on the receiving end of a round of racist ridicule from Roger Mayweather.
Not to be confused with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roger is Floyd Jr.’s uncle and trainer, and apparently the racist gene runs in the family. Floyd Jr., who posted less-than-flattering comments on his Twitter account about Jeremy Lin, hasn’t made any comments so far about the fight because he is currently serving time in jail for domestic violence. Here are some of the comments posted on Twitter directed at Manny Pacquiao from Roger Mayweather (courtesy of Lauren B):