Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Is My Kind Of Player

You've probably seen the GIF by now because everybody's seen the GIF by now

It's of Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson popping his jersey at Auburn.

And getting cussed out.

And flipped off.

The post with the GIF -- and the accompanying analysis from my colleague, Jeff Borzello --did more Twitter traffic late Saturday and early Sunday than the next 20 stories on CBSSports.com combined. Meantime, Henderson was back in Oxford celebrating Ole Miss's 6-0 SEC record by double-fisting Coors Lights at a party just three nights after celebrating a win over Tennessee by doing something with a girl at a bar. All of this stuff made the rounds on Twitter. Folks can't get enough. So no student-athlete has dominated social media over the past week like this sharp-shooting, trash-talking, possibly crazy and absolutely controversial guard who's currently enrolled in his fourth college since leaving high school. But have you ever seen him actually play a basketball game? I bet most haven't. READ MORE

Check The Video Below: