Monday, January 7, 2013

Kobe Goes On Twitter To Squash Fight Rumor Between Him & Howard

Aren't we all glad that Kobe Bryant finally got a twitter account?! After all, we all wanna know exactly how he's feeling and what may actually be going on with the Lakers. Of course; we will only get a piece of what goes on. But When Rumors like this of Kobe & Dwight almost getting into a physical altercation, it serves a purpose to have some kind of connection with your fans to hear the REAL TRUTH!! People and media will add more to a rumor then what it really is and some may say they have sources who confirm as to whether or not something is true. But having the players clarify things gives you a better perception. So Kobe replied back to a fan who tweeted him about the rumor that has been reported by the New York Daily News
check the tweets below: