Friday, October 12, 2012

Barkley Weighs In On Shaq's jealousy for Dwight Howard

Barkley says Shaq told him he’s trying to motivate Dwight Howard with all his criticism of the Lakers center, but Barkley believes there is something personal going on there.
“I love Shaq, but I had to pull him aside. First of all, that’s just silly to say. I’m starting to wonder if he just doesn’t like Dwight Howard,” Barkley told LeBatard. “Shaq is one of my best friends, but there’s something going on there. I don’t like it to be honest with you.
“I like Dwight Howard. I think he’s a terrific player and a really good kid. But it seems like Shaq is starting to get a little too personal. I like Brook Lopez, but I’ve never been drunk enough to say he’s better than Dwight Howard.
“I think his criticism has been a little bit unfair to Dwight.”
“You gotta tell your family — I mean your momma, your daddy, all your cousins when they come out of the woodwork — I’m not going to give you money anymore. I probably gave away three or four million dollars to my friends,” Barkley reflected.
“I call it black guilt.
“[My friends are] like, ‘Dude, we made it.’
“I’m like, ‘We made it? I made it. We never lifted weights together. I made it. I’m the one lifting all these damn weights and running up here guarding Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. You’re not doing anything actually. I’ve never seen you in the weight room in the morning.’” Read More