Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pomona MC KMG The Illustrator Dies Of Heart Attack

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If you ever go to a nightclub and they play "Black Superman," by Above the Law, get the fuck out of there as fast as possible. --Danny Brown
Black Superman died on Friday. Kryptonite caught up to KMG the Illustrator, co-founder of Above the Law, the Ruthless Records G-funk pioneers responsible for several of the greatest albums in gangsta rap history. He was 43. (Update: His cause of death wasapparently a heart attack.)
It doesn't matter that "Black Superman" rocket-landed 18 years ago. If you bump Above the Law's best-known song at any public function, you should still prepare for no-holds-barred bedlam of the sort common to steel-cage matches, prison riots and shopping malls on the day Jordans arrive. Even KMG's real name (Kevin M. Gulley) implied rowdy invincibility, since, in rap slang, "gully" loosely translates to, "Do not fuck with this man." READ MORE